Access Control Solutions: HID SAFE™ Enterprise!

Access Control Solutions: HID SAFE™ Enterprise!

HID SAFE™ Enterprise Class Physical Identity and Access Management Solution

On the hunt for an industry-leading identity and access management solution? Look no further than the HID SAFE™ Enterprise security management program provided by IDEXPERTS®!

Streamline your organization's central personal management, access control, and physical identification into one easy-to-use program. Reduce the costs and risks in managing the physical access of your organization, uniquely designed to fit every need of your organization. Augment the organization factor effectively yet simplistically in a program that accurately allows the proper identity protocol and access privileges to employees, contractors, tenants, and visitors at your enterprise. 

Functions include:

  • Pre-defined rules and workflows for on- and off-boarding of identities, access provisioning/de-provisioning and access change management.
  • Users can manage various details of a physical identity, such as access card information, biographic details, biometric details, results of security checks, and logs of historical access usage.
  • Users can create spatial hierarchies if locations, buildings, floors, and associated areas
  • Provides a central location to search and assign access levels for an identity across different physical access control systems (PACS) and specify details (ex. time schedule of access).
  • Employees can make multiple physical security requests using a self-service portal, such as new physical access and badge requests.
  • Collects access level information from different PACS and allows users to manage details not typically available in PACS (ex. risk level, area owner, multiple approvers, prerequisites for access).
  • Create access profiles, which assigns physical access automatically using common identity attributes such as role, location and department
  • Authorized personnel can immediately terminate physical access of identities, using urgent termination, avoiding delays by HR personnel
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all transactions within the system and between HID SAFE Enterprise and external systems
  • Pre-defined reports based on access records and logs of identities for compliance reporting and security planning.

Key Modules

  • Advanced Access Manager
    • Streamlines central management of the organization's employees, contractors, and tenant identities
    • Key stakeholders can use administrative functions for onboarding, document gathering and processing approvals.
    • Self-service portal allows individuals to request access and maintain their profiles.
  • Badge Manager
    • Capture data from external identity sources, pre-load identity information, and get badging prerequisites prior to printing a badge.
    • Customers can design, create and print employee badges.
    • Individuals can request temporary and new badges.
  • Visitor Manager
    • Securely and quickly manage the entire visitor cycle
      • Pre-registration, welcoming visitors with rapid check-in and check-out
    • Designed with the enterprise in mind, HID SAFE™ Visitor Management can be scales from small offices with unattended kiosks, to corporate headquarters with lobby teams.
  • Security Reporter and Operations Analytics
    • Comprehensive set of reports for analyzing and managing all activities involved with on-boarding, badging, access management, and visitor management.
    • Reports include status, activity monitoring, diagnostics, and compliance.

For more information and to setup your organization's physical identification and access control system using HID SAFEID™, call us at +1 (888) 983-2299.

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