Visitor Mangement Security: HID EasyLobby® Secure!

Visitor Mangement Security: HID EasyLobby® Secure!

HID EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management

Does your organization deal with numerous visitors every day? Without proper management solutions, your company is actively putting itself at risk due to a lack of security. If you need an industry-leading secure visitor management solution, look no further than the HID EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management customizable software, proudly offered by IDEXPERTS®!

EasyLobby solutions improve security by:

  • Identify all visitors by scanning an ID and identify the reasons for their visit.
  • Integrate access control systems to provide visitors physical or mobile access from the visitor management station.
  • Monitor visitor access to secure areas using integration with HID Location Services.
  • Create internal watch list databases to screen against unwanted visitors and alert when VIPs arrive.
  • Screen against external databases for government denied parties, and be warned of their attempted entry through custom programmable security alerts on-screen or with email alerts.
  • Enable any employees to pre-register visitors via the corporate network and optionally route requests for approval, to better control facility entry.
  • Account for everyone in the building in an emergency situation.
  • Meet growing compliance mandates which require visitor audit trails and reporting.

Securely check in visitors in under 20 seconds

  • Fully register a visitor by capturing their detailed information, printing a badge, and notifying the host employee.
  • Scan an ID, such as a driver's license or passport.
  • Retain visitor information to simplify future registration.

Additional visitor management functionality

  • Manage and track packages, assets, parking, and employees all in the same application.
  • Ensure visitor information confidentiality, so others can not see who visited your organization.
  • Print professional-looking, high-quality, full-colour visitor badges that can be customized (even create different badges for different visitor types).
  • Provide secure building access to specific visitors, through integration with over 50 physical access solutions. Provide physical access cards or digital access cards to a phone via HID Mobile Access.
  • Provide enhanced visitor location monitoring with HID's Location Services solution, which reduces the need for physical escorts.
  • Analyze, run queries, and pull reports on visitor data to better evaluate the data.
  • Create emergency evacuation reports of all individuals in the building at any given time. Can easily be shared with emergency response personnel.
  • Self-registration on a tablet with fully-customizable EasyLobby eKiosk™ software. Or use EasyLobby SVM in self-registration mode with a free-standing kiosk in unattended lobbies or as another option for guests to check-in.

 Quickly and easily scale up from one location to many locations

  • Easily scale to a network of hundreds of stations, all connected to a central database
  • Flexible, easy to install and use
  • Multiple language support

Implement the best system for your organization's need through a wide variety of software options

  • EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM®) - the backbone of the entire system. Processes visitors via a number of Windows® workstations with a shared central SQL Server.
  • EasyLobby Administrator - database administration, settings configuration, and real time monitoring and reporting functions from a remote workstation. A single copy of Administrator comes with a copy of EasyLobby SVM.
  • EasyLobby eAdvance® - web-based application that is integrated with EasyLobby SVM. Enables employees to pre-register visitors prior to arrival, manage approvals, and view details of their visit-host history.
  • EasyLobby Satellite® - control and monitor visitor entry and exit at multiple internal locations, or "checkpoints". The barcoded badge printed by EasyLobby SVM is scanned and records a time-stamped entry and exit at each Satellite station.
  • Access Control Integration grant secure access to visitors or contractors directly from the EasyLobby SVM interface. SVM is integrated with over 50 access control systems. Organizations with HID Mobile Access have the option to issue secured credentials to a visitor's mobile device.
  • EasyLobby eKiosk™ - web-based software which can turn any tablet into a simple self-registration station for visitors.

EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) Hardware Options:

  • Acuant R3 Driver's License/ID Scanner
  • SnapShell Passport/ID Scanner
  • Assure Tec ARH Combo Smart Passport/ID Scanner (Authentication option available)
  • Assure Tec ID-150 ID Scanner (Authentication option available)
  • Intellicheck IM2000 ID Scanner/Authenticator
  • M2Sys EasyScan and Palm Biometric Scanners
  • ID Tech MagStripe Reader
  • Honeywell Voyager 9540 USB Barcode Scanner
  • RFIdeas PC Prox Reader
  • Topaz Signature pads
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