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Hacking and 2FA - Free White Paper

June 20, 2018

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Kyle Fairfield
Kyle Fairfield


Since 1994, Les has been successfully integrating card solutions into all kinds of projects, large and small. In his free time, he likes to....actually, scrap that. He has no free time.

Hacking and 2FA - Free White Paper

2FA smart card loginAccording to a recent study by Gemalto SafeNet, last year 1,765 breaches resulted in 2.6 billion exposed records, up 88% from 2016. In these data breaches only 3% of the data was encrypted.

Data exposed or breached is not only a headache for security teams, but also impacts brand reputation, customer confidence and share price. Manipulated data, or all data breaches for that matter, are often difficult to pinpoint if data protection or access management tools aren’t in place to indicate unauthorized access.

What Does the Data Say?

  • Human error a major risk management and security issue
  • Accidental loss caused 1.9 billion records to be exposed, a 580% increase from 2016.
  • Identity theft is still the #1 type of data breach:
  • Identity theft was 69% of all data breach incidents with over 600 million records impacted (up 73% from 2016).
  • Internal threats are increasing:
  • The number of malicious insider incidents decreased, however, the amount of records stolen increased to 30 million, a 117% increase from 2016.
  • The number of records breached in nuisance type attacks (data including basic information such as name, address and/or phone number) increased by 560% from 2016.
  • You need information protection.  Do you need something like PKI?  Maybe not...

    Download the white paper on Hacking and 2FA from here.