Could your security system be spreading COVID-19?

Could your security system be spreading COVID-19?

There is an explosion of interest in touchless solutions for access control; COVID-19 has made the value of this technology obvious.

The ability to enter a facility without coming in contact with any door handle, button, or reader makes good sense and will help keep people healthy.

Why would any organization invest in technology that requires a person to touch a device?

How does forcing users to share a common touch-point keep people healthy and safe?

Keypad readers make no sense.  Fingerprint scanners are undeniable potential sources of bacterial and viral spread. 

Distancing, masks, and contact protocols are all part of dealing with the impact of the pandemic. 

Anything that a person needs to touch is not the future of secure access.

Here are some better ways to provide better access to your facilities that doesn’t involve potentially spreading a virus: 

  • mobile credentials
  • proximity credentials
  • facial recognition
  • automatic openers
  • hand “wave” sensors
  • workplace contact tracing

We would love the opportunity to help you integrate these access solutions to keep your organization safe and healthy.

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