Benefits of a One-Card Campus

Benefits of a One-Card Campus

Are you getting the most out of your staff and student cards? Are you interested in a one-card campus solution?

There's a reason so many high schools and post-secondary institutions are adopting one-card campuses... they make life easy! Our Campus E-CARD suite of products lets you create a fully-integrated, school-wide transaction management system around your existing credentials (or new ones). With Campus E-CARD, students can have access to anything they need on campus, and only need to carry one thing: their student card!

Benefits of a one-card campus

One card for everything

Seems pretty obvious right? But some folks don't realize that when we say everything, we mean everything. Most schools already use student cards for identification, so why should students carry anything more than that? When student credentials can be used for door access, to pay for meals, laundry or printing, renting rooms, and more, why should students need anything other than their student card? They shouldn't!

Improve student safety

Student cards improve student safety already, simply by having a school-issued, generalized credential. Staff and student credentials make it easy to identify who should and should not be on campus.

But a one-card solution takes student safety to the next level. Control door access to anywhere on campus, such as residences, student lounges, gyms, and high-security areas like laboratories. The ability to use a student card for payment also takes away the need to carry cash, debit, or credit cards on campus. As a result, the risk of students losing cash/a payment card or having it stolen is eliminated. If a student card is lost, students can simply contact the card office and have their card cancelled, then have a new one set up. The process to replace a credit or debit card is much more difficult.

Make purchases online or in-store

In order to load student cards with money, they have to be hooked up to an online account. But what if you could use that online account to make purchases in-advance? Well, with Campus E-CARD you can! Our Online Ordering portal lets you buy textbooks, meals, stationery, or anything else you might need on campus. Or students can simply scan their card at the checkout or on a vending machine to buy whatever they need or want on the spot!

Buy event tickets

Why use paper tickets that you could lose? Students can buy event tickets through the same portal that they use for meals and textbooks, and get the ticket sent to them virtually! Create seating maps through the online portal so students can choose exactly where they sit for any events, including sporting events, plays, banquets, or any other school event.

Print on campus

Owning a printer can be expensive and time-consuming for students. So make it easy on them by offering printing on campus! Students can print off of any device by simply adding their print job to a cloud print queue. Then, they can scan their card at a connected multi-function device or printer to release the print job. Print jobs can be charged to student accounts, giving them an inexpensive printing option instead of having to keep up their own printers.

Rent out spaces or resources

Students can easily rent out study rooms, fitness areas, a/v equipment, sports equipment, or computers in-person or through the online portal. Rentals can be completely admin-controlled, completely automated, or anywhere in-between. Students can check in by scanning their card on a barcode scanner or using our wall-mounted units to unlock doors, turn on lights, and allow access to assets.


Who carries coins these days? Make coin-operated laundry machines a technology of the past, by letting students pay for laundry with their student cards! Campus E-CARD laundry controller units can control up to 32 washers and/or dryers at once and reports back to our massive reporting database. So you can control every machine in a laundry room on one controller, and have all laundry rooms report back to the same database.

Tracking and reporting

Since every transaction occurring around campus is backed up to the same database, it becomes completely trackable. Campus E-CARD runs through an enormous reporting database, that allows administration to run custom reports. As a result, admin staff can see every transaction that occurs throughout the entire school, which provides valuable insight that will help increase return on investment.

One-card systems improve student life by giving them the opportunity to use one card for everything on campus. Student safety is increased, student life is made easier, and the school gains valuable insight into everything occurring around campus.

Take a look at what Campus E-CARD can do for you!

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Unfortunately, I am not a staff of a University or high school, but this system seems very intuitive and should be industry standard!

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