3 things my ID card says about me.

3 things my ID card says about me.

1. My company cares about me.

Way too many companies underestimate the branding power of the employee photo ID card.  The ID card is one piece of company property that has permanent residence in the employee's possession.  They take it home with them, they wear it to Starbucks, they hang it from the rearview mirror (not advisable, BTW), and its right on the bedside table beside the phone.

What does your staff ID card say about the company's relationship to it's employee?  If its not cared for, or looks terrible, chances are that comments will be made and the problems will be noticed.

Don't let it happen to your company.  The ID Card says the employee is part of the brand, and if you make it beautiful, they'll be proud to belong.

2. I'm supposed to be here, right now.

Otherwise known as "I have this, I belong here", the ID Card empowers people to assert their identity confidently, knowing they are in the right place at the right time.

Employees can gain access to the building, get a hold of the file folders they need, pay for their meal at the company cafeteria, release their print jobs from the copier, and log into their PC.  All of this can be done on a single ID card that confirms the employee's right to act.

3. I can't deny that I'm here.

Of the three items we are talking about here, this one is the most objectionable from an employee's standpoint.  But like all things in life, whoever pays the piper calls the tune.  Its the responsibility of every company not only to enable their employees to get where they need to go, but also to make sure they only get to the areas they need be in.  

Also, at this time in the blog post, it's an opportunity for me to use my favourite word:  nonrepudiation.  

I can't deny I wrote this post.  It's got my name on it, and the IP address is recorded in the URL logs.  Same concept with the ID card.  If the ID Card is issued for access control and PC login, an employee cannot deny they were in a certain location, or took a certain online action. 

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