2 Business Problems solved by using Photo ID

2 Business Problems solved by using Photo ID

Every company has a lot of pressure to perform:  Sales & Marketing, Operations, Procurement etc. need to operate efficiently and predictably.  The Corporate Security Department plays an important role within this framework, and there are two forces that apply pressure to its operations.

1. External Pressure of Regulatory Compliance

Are you subject to any government regulations regarding security and the protection of personnel or assets?  If so, it is highly likely that there is a requirement for proper Identification of all employees, and this can be accomplished with ID Cards.  There are a number of industries with applicable legislation.  An example is C-TPAT (Customs - Trade Partners Against Terrorism).  C-TPAT requires all transportation companies to take steps against terrorism by implementing Background Checks, ID Cards, Access Control, Fencing, Secure Zones and CCTV Video Surveillance (among other things).  While this is US government requirement, it applies to companies moving goods into the States and is therefore applicable in Canada.

If you are subject regulatory compliance, you may want to contact a local Government Office, or your MP, to find out what funding options are available.  Legislation sometimes comes with financial grants provided to the end user.

2. Internal Pressure of Policy Enforcement

Your company may have internal security procedures already in place, and it is not uncommon for new managers to overlook this important area.  Ignorance is no excuse, but with the amount of things a new manager has to learn, Policies can be missed.

Policies are designed to mitigate corporate risk.  It is crucial for those in positions of responsibility for security to properly understand and implement corporate policies.   Policies demonstrate that a company has recognized key areas of personnel safety or asset protection that need oversight for the financial prosperity of the business.  If these policies are not enforced, negligence can be proven and it may result in significant financial liabilities for your company.

Make sure you are 100% aware of your company's Security Policies.  Over the years, we have found that the requirement for all employees to have ID Cards forms a foundation of Security operations.

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