7 things your employees hate about ID cards (and are not telling you).

7 things your employees hate about ID cards (and are not telling you).

1. My photo is awful. 

In your Photo ID area, set up a mirror so people can do a last minute check.  Have proper lighting using a minimum of 2 light sources with fill-in flash.  Set up a PC screen facing the subject so they can quickly evaluate their photo and give instant feedback.

2. My card keeps cracking, and needs replaced.

Is the card stock appropriate for your environmental conditions?  Not all cards are created equal.  The correct composition will ensure a good lifespan and print quality.  You may want to consider adding a laminator to your card printer.  This prevents card fading, cracking and scratching.

3. I have 3 cards, and that's super inconvenient.

This commonly occurs when you are running multiple access systems in several buildings. Did you know that a single credential can (usually) be used across multiple systems?  Alternatively, perhaps it's time to upgrade and combine your systems into one common platform.

4. The cheap clip damages my shirt.

There are a lot of ways to wear the ID card without inconvenience to your employee.  Lanyards are made of soft fabric.  Retractable Badge Reels can clip onto a belt or belt loop.  Even strap clips can come with a rubberized clip that protects your clothing.

5. Who designed this anyways?  TMI, crammed on the card.

Photo ID cards should ONLY contain information that can be visually authenticated.  Print a sample, stand 6 feet away from it and ask yourself - am I seeing what I need to see?  Suggestions: put a colour border around the photo.  Eliminate the last name from the front of the card. Print the card in portrait orientation so it hangs nicely. Reduce the logo size.  Enlarge the photo size to at least 1.5" across.

6. My ID Card is useless.  What's the point of it again?

If the card is required to access services, there is significant value attached to the ID.  Make the card do more: open doors, login to PCs, buy food in the cafeteria.  The perception of value provided by an ID card extends to the company brand as well.  Raise the respect level of your company with useful, effective ID cards.

7. No one else wears it.  Why should I?

Don't give employees a reason to question company policy.  Enforce your company requirements fairly and consistently.  If the receptionist has to wear it, so does the VP.   No one should be above the rules.  This says more about company culture than a lot of leaders want to admit.

Bonus compaint: I keep losing my card

You would be shocked to discover that a modest card replacement fee can help people find their cards very quickly!


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