4 ways to improve office morale using an ID card.

4 ways to improve office morale using an ID card.

You'd be surprised at the number of disparaging comments we hear from people complaining about their ID Card.  Sometimes these concerns are legitimate, and morale is affected.  Make sure the people in your organization take the ID card seriously by implementing these 4 important considerations.

1. Make it look good.  

People (usually) take pride in their appearance.  Don't embarrass them with a terrible looking ID card, ripped badgeholders and a fraying lanyard.  Update your card design frequently with correct company logos and branding.

Do you struggle with design and layout?  Consider outsourcing this important component.  We can make suggestions on orientation, layout and colour schemes depending on the purpose and anticipated use of the card.  We can recommend the best materials to be used for the card construction too.  If your card needs to last five years, and still look "like new", we can make it happen.

2. Keep the photo up to date.  

Re-take all employee photos every 3 years.  Usually, the age of the photo on the card is covered by your HR, Security or Privacy policies, and you may want to check into those.  Remember that the purpose of Photo ID is to make the card "non-transferrable".  Using outdated photos on an ID card is like not having any photo at all.

People care about what they look like.  Avoid the "deer in the headlights" look and always allow your employees to evaluate their photo, and take it again if necessary.  Put a mirror on the wall in your Photo ID room: the people who will use it will really appreciate it.

3. People respect what you inspect.  

Like most things in life, when you focus on doing the "small stuff" well, the big things take care of themselves.  The overall quality of a large project is greatly dependant on the little things being done right.

If you show care and concern over the small details of a Photo ID card, employees will know that you take personnel safety seriously.  The ID card is just one of the tools that can be used within a company to convey value and meaning to the employees.  Never forget:  with the exception of a uniform, the ID card is the only company-branded item on visible display on each employee.  Make it worthwhile to wear!

4. Enable your card to do more.

If you attach services and access privileges to the card, employees recognize the usefulness of the card.  They will safeguard it, and not lose it near as much!  Employees subconsciously attach value to the company when they are able to do things faster and more efficiently.

Enhance the company's image internally by enabling services through the card.  These services may be:

  • door access
  • computer login
  • cafeteria payments
  • vending purchases
  • time & attendance
  • visitor management

Ask us how your card can do more!

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