3 things an ID card says about your organization.

3 things an ID card says about your organization.

Don't take an ID Card for granted. It's not a nice piece of plastic that gives a corporation Big Brother capabilities.  There is real value to visually identifying the people in your building.

Here are 3 things that effective ID Card policies promote: 

1. We take security seriously.

ID Cards are the most visible reminder to all, both employees and visitors, that policies are being enforced, and access is controlled and monitored.  Individuals in a secure area with no ID card will be conspicuous. Make it uncomfortable for the intruder.

2. We care about our people.

Security is not just about Loss Prevention and Asset Protection.  It's primarily about People Safety.  Personnel are a company's single most important resource, and their security while they go about their work is paramount.  Create a secure and safe work environment by enforcing the use of ID cards in all areas of the business, and attach Access privileges to the card.

3. Our success needs to be protected.

If business was easy, everyone would do it.  But the fact is, success is a hard fought battle and every gain needs to be protected.  Access to areas with sensitive data should be monitored not only by electronics access on the doors, but by enforcing ID Card visibility within the secure zone.  Know who your people are.


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