6 ways your passwords are stolen

6 ways your passwords are stolen

Passwords enable you to use your phone, PC, banking, online shopping, social media, etc.

And let's be honest, you don't use a unique, complex password for each system, do you?


Here's 6 reasons your passwords can be compromised:

  1. You have a pathetic password
  2. Devices are sniffing your password as you type it
  3. You are (literally) handing out your password for free
  4. Your mobile is leaking information
  5. You left your laptop unattended
  6. You put post-it notes on your screen

Did you know your ID card can be the key to the solution?  ID Cards can contain secure certificates that authenticate you to any system you use.  Everyday, we use Chip & PIN in retail, why not use the same kind of security online?

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