How do I protect my computer from hackers?

How do I protect my computer from hackers?

Here are four simple, but critical steps to protect the information on your computer,
  1. Install a Firewall.
  2. Install Antivirus Software.
  3. Use Complex and Secure Passwords.
  4. Check on the Security Settings of the Browser.

While all the actions above can be taken by the average PC, managing passwords (point # 3) is the one area many people struggle with.

Most of actually only have 3 passwords for all our applications: work, banking, email, online shopping etc.  Sometimes, the most complex passwords are written down somewhere and could be easily seen by others.

Did you know that your ID card can be the key to the problem of complex passwords?

The ID card can be used to log into Windows with a simple Tap & PIN, much like the way you pay for coffee in the morning. In addition, all your other passwords used on a daily basis can be linked to the card and these usernames/passwords can be pushed through to other applications as you open them.

Simplified Sign On.  If technology can't make our life easier, why would we use it?!

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