Event ID cards - Where do I start?

Event ID cards - Where do I start?

Accreditation at a large event can be a daunting task.  Thousands of people rely on the accuracy and reliability of the data printed on the ID Card, and the Card must get to the correct person.

Let's start with identifying the stakeholders in the frantic-paced world of Accreditation:

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Accreditation System: All components comprising software, hardware and procedures used to produce Accreditation cards and to assist the issuing organization in ensuring only authorized holders have access to venues.

Profile: Accreditation Holder's information stored in the Accreditation System includes the First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Department, Picture, Description, Zone Access, Dates of Access and unique Barcode. The Profile is created during the Accreditation Enrolment, Validated during the Authorization process and used to create the Accreditation card.

Accreditation Holder (AH): This is the end user who receives the accreditation. These people can vary from Staff, year round volunteers, 10 day volunteers, competitors, exhibitors, and companions of any of the previously listed users.

Accreditation Card: The plastic card given to all Accreditation Holders which includes their Name, Department, Picture, Description, Zone Access, Dates of Access and unique Barcode assigned to each person.

Guest/Companion Card: A no-picture Accreditation which must be attached to an Accreditation with a picture. These are a privilege only given to certain people.  Sometimes called an "Overpass".

Accreditation Staff (AS): Staff member hired by the Accreditation department or by other departments to work on the Accreditation project. These members would need to have customized screens for the departments they are assigned to work with and would have the ability to print passes. This would include the Accreditation Coordinator.

Accreditation Coordinator (AC): Accreditation Staff with supervisory roles.

Authorizer: This is the staff member responsible to send the information about who needs accreditation and what types of zones they required.

Authorizer Delegate: This is a staff member who can be assigned by the main authorizer to do the data input and track the progress of accreditation.

Authorizer or Authorizer Delegate (AAD): either an Authorizer or an Authorizer Delegate. Production Stations: Windows application used by Accreditation Staff responsible for managing/printing of ready-to-print batches or files.

Let's get started!
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