3 concerns about HUGE security company mergers.

3 concerns about HUGE security company mergers.

Recent news of two industry giants merging (Tyco & Johnson Security) spread a few ripples.  The financial impact of this combination of companies amounts to $20B (yep, billion with B).

How will this impact you?

1. Bigger is not necessarily better.  The inefficiencies and non-responsive characteristics of large organizations can actually multiply.  They can no longer afford to look after the small or medium size deals (up to $1M) because it makes little financial sense for them to do so.

2. Sometimes, you get overlooked.  Will the new security entity coming out of this merger have the ability to notice the existing clientele?  With new corporate instructions and marching orders from new bosses, there will be times when the new priorities leave long-time clients in the dust.

3. On the highway, the MERGE sign means you slow down and take a look around.  In the corporate world, there's too much waiting for new instructions.  Analysis leads to Paralysis.  

Don't get caught in the destructive vortex of a merger.  Choose a hungry company as a partner in your next security endeavour.  

Remember, it's not the big that eat the small: it's the fast that eat the slow.

How responsive is YOUR security technology supplier?

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