How do I print photo ID cards?

How do I print photo ID cards?

A great looking Photo ID card says a lot about your organization.  (The example above is NOT our idea of an awesome looking photo ID.) Never forget that the ID card is the one piece of your company that everyone takes home with them at the end of the day.  They wear it during the work day, and see the branding every time they use it.

An employee's perspective of the company can be influenced by the usefulness of the ID badge.  If they don't understand the reason for the photo ID card, it may indicate bigger communications issues within your organization.

The right Photo ID card can be worn with pride.

Two options to print photo ID cards:

1. Purchase the equipment to print your own cards.  One of our ID experts can assist you with the proper selection of printer and software, most suited to your requirements.

Buy ID Equipment

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2. Outsource the printing to E-CARD ID.  We take the hassle out of ID card printing, and walk you through the entire process from Card design, proofing, database setup and final card production.

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