5 steps to a better Cyber Risk Management strategy

5 steps to a better Cyber Risk Management strategy

Protect your digital assets with a 5-step approach to managing risk:

1. Engage all the stakeholders early.  Its not just about IT - there are multiple other groups who depend on existing systems, and their experience could be enhanced and streamlined.

2. Educate your stakeholders.  Many of them are unaware of the possibilities.  Do they all know that the Door Access card can be used at the PC?  Have you informed them of the options of "Tap" versus "Chip & PIN" operations?

3. Communicate to your team in clear terms.  There is a lot to learn.  Do not make assumptions about other stakeholder's knowledge levels.  When everyone on the team speaks the same language, its possible to achieve faster results.

4. Integrate with other processes.  Cyber Risk is just one part of the overall Enterprise Risk Management strategy.  It needs to be addressed as an enterprise-wide endeavour, not separate from your Loss Prevention, Facilities or Assets Security approach.

5. Measure what you've done.  If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.  As you implement, you will notice gaps in your strategy.  Thats normal.  Revise, revisit, re-implement.

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