Buying Canadian - here's the reason why

Buying Canadian - here's the reason why

Just off the phone with Phillip, IT Manager at a courier company in Ontario.

One of the first things he asked me was "Where will my new printer ship from?".  I assured him it was shipping within Canada, and so were the ribbons and cards and all the other accessories he needed.

He told me about his terrible experience with another vendor, based in the USA.  A few days before, Phillip had received a $195 bill from UPS for "Brokerage, Duty and Taxes" for a shipment he thought he had completely paid for some time ago.  It was unanticipated.  The vendor never bothered to give Phillip a heads up on the incoming charges, most likely because the US-based vendor was unaware of the border costs.

Talk about a rude awakening!

Many times the brokerage bill hits your warehouse or finance department completely separate from the order.  Additional time is lost while employees scramble to reconcile the fees.

When you buy outside of Canada, at best you are subject to a brokerage fee, and at worst you will get hit with duties for all items manufactured outside of North America.  Ribbons are commonly charged at high duty rates because their country of origin is Japan.

Avoid the hassle and un-welcome hidden charges.  Keep it Canadian!

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