Going the extra mile, literally.

Going the extra mile, literally.

’Twas the night before Christmas, and workers were busy
on the mountain called Cypress where skiers were giddy.

Fresh snow had piled up on the hills round the city,
With sunlight and treetops and blue sky so pretty.

The people at ground level could not even wait
to get up the ski hill and bust through the ski gate.

All through the office, not a creature was sitting,
they were all printing passes, without counterfeiting.

When to their amazement, the printer ran out
of supplies that are used at the skier checkout.

A Guest service person gave out quite the yell!
“I can’t print a card for my next clientele!”

Away went the Manager, calling on E-CARD
“I need to print more or my sales will be marred!”

From the warehouse of E-CARD, quick plans were made,
The VP took ribbons, in a fast motorcade.

It all turned out well, with the ribbons transported,
And all rested easy, disaster now thwarted.

“Thank you so much for the mountain delivery!”
Were words from their valued Guest Service Employee.

At E-CARD we do all the things that are needed,
We’re glad expectations were truly exceeded.

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