5 ways to measure the security of your business

5 ways to measure the security of your business

Security is a mindset.  Keep these points in mind when examining your operations.

1. Deterrence of Threats

Are you known as a hardened target, or will the criminal target you precisely because you are the easiest in the area?  Protection is not necessarily about being the most secure, but being more secure than your neighbour.  

2. Awareness of your Status

Is your mind at ease regarding the security of your assets?  Do you know where they are, and how they are being utilized at any given time?  Can you be notified of threats as they occur?

3. Convergence of your Systems

Information in several places can take time to gather, and needs to be understood in a bigger context to be useful.  Are your IT security and physical security systems integrated?  Have you linked RFID asset tracking to video surveillance?

4. Accessibility of your Information

Make decisions based on good data.  If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  Understand the information that you gather, and only gather actionable data.

5. Response of your Team

Who is going to act, and what are they going to do?  Do they have the tools and the authority to act decisively?  Do they know when to escalate and when to deal with it?


Technology alone may not be the answer, and can often result in a lot of wasted money thrown at a problem that needs a business methodology implemented to solve it. Technology only makes our life easier when it enforces an existing and effective business process.  

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