"Keep Hungry!"

"Keep Hungry!"

That's what former NHL player Ryan Walter, author of "Hungry: Fueling your Best Game", wrote in the front of his book that he presented to me at the recent IAHSS-BC seminar.  I had gathered at BC Children's Hospital, along with many Healthcare Security Professionals, to discuss the latest trends in security and patient protection.

Ryan's keynote address was well received, and very relevant for today: you have to stay at the top of your game by playing above the "red line" in the Offensive Zone of Future Positive Thinking. The past can bog us down with regret which paralyzes, while the future can regenerate and activate us to results we once thought impossible.  Leadership is about Change.  Leadership is about Energy.

All of us spend a significant part of our life in the busy work world, surrounded by people we influence or who influence us.  Our attitude can be the difference between Coming to Work and Coming to Win.

Thanks Ryan!

(Yes, I wore his Stanley Cup ring.  No, I didn't earn it.  Yes, it is very heavy.)




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