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What are ReCarding Services?

April 29, 2016

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Kyle Fairfield
Kyle Fairfield


Since 1997, Kyle has been successfully integrating card solutions into all kinds of projects, large and small. In his free time, he likes to....actually, scrap that. He has no free time.

What are ReCarding Services?

ReCarding, or Re-Carding, is a term that refers to the act of issuing new ID cards to people who are in possession of a card already.  The old ID needs updated quickly.

Re-carding is usually done for 3 reasons:

  1. Branding - Logo changes can come out of nowhere.  A merger of acquisition, or change of company colours, is often enough to generate an enormous and challenging re-branding process within an organization.  All letter-head, envelops, packaging, logos, shirts etc. and especially ID cards, need to have the new look applied.
  2. Security - This is one of the biggest drivers today.  Many companies are using cards with no visual or electronic security.  The cards can be easily copied, and there is a risk to loss of data or personal safety.  Getting new, effective, ID cards into the hands of thousands of employees quickly is a huge challenge.
  3. Compliance - Never underestimate the power of legislation to reduce your well-thought out plans to ruin.  Sometimes you have to start again, and plan to comply with external or internal pressures applied to your operation.

ReCarding services allow you to quickly and efficiently produce massive numbers of ID cards by outsourcing the process to a competent, secure ID company.

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