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Power LogOn Admin Software License

SKU: SWL-P0002


Software User Licenses for Power LogOn

Power LogOn combines password management and card management with secure smart card technology. It easily integrates into existing network architectures, requires no backend server modification and works with most existing applications.

User licenses are attached to the credentials to offer unlimited access from any computer running Power LogOn. Licenses are transferable with no renewal or subscription fees.

Please contact us directly to learn more about quantity license pricing, and to determine the best Chip Card and Reader technology for your operation.


Here are just a few of the benefits of Power Logon:


  • Employees no longer have to remember, type or manage passwords.
  • Employees self-enroll from their own computers.
  • Combine with physical access for single access ID card to manage.
  • Reduces help desk calls to reset passwords by 70% or higher.


  • Full multi-factor authentication.
  • Secure logon into Microsoft Windows, Azure, Office 365, SQL Server, Windows Server 2000 and above, websites, and other third-party applications.
  • Enterprise password manager with high security features to meet all government privacy compliancy laws.
  • Passwords are centrally managed by IT and not by employees.
  • Encrypted password files stay within the organization‰۪s network, and are not stored in some third-party, big data server that hackers target.

Low cost of Ownership

  • Power Logon can often be added to an organization‰۪s existing employee access control ID badges. No re-issuance or re-calling badges.
  • Works with a number of card technologies like magnetic stripe, 125 kHz Proximity, 13.56 MHz RFID, contact smartcards, CAC, PIV, CIV, biometrics, NFC, and more.
  • Our API code is available for third-party software integration.
  • Licenses are transferable to manage employee turnover.
  • No annual renewal or subscription fees on licenses.

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