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CIM ME1500 Metal Plate Embosser


EmbossåÊmetal tags &åÊplatesåÊquickly and efficiently

The CIM ME1500 metal tag embosser is an industrial-duty machine designed for everyday and continual use.åÊ

ThisåÊtabletop embosser runs quickly but quietly,åÊmaking it aåÊperfect for foråÊthe production floor or the main office.åÊ

Duty-rated at 250,000 tags per year, the ME1500 is reliable and durable for demanding production jobs.åÊ

The heart of the ME1500 is its stainless steel hardened drum and upgradedåÊpowerful motor and jaws thatåÊpreciselyåÊemboss characters in hard metals, like stainless steel,åÊto provide the greatest readability of text and numbers.

Along with alphanumeric characters, the ME1500 can alsoåÊemboss 2D barcodes for tracking and easy reading.åÊ

Data can be entered using either the included Swordå¨ design and embossing software or via a direct-connected keyboard.

The included 2-line LCD display makes it easy to review the machine status, messages or data.

The internal input hopper holds up to 400 tags, and is easily adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of tag sizes.åÊ


Technology: Stamping (Embossing & Debossing)

Speed: Up to 235 tags/hour (based on embossing 45 characters)

Plate Size

  • Width: 1.18 - 3.50 inches
  • Height: 0.83 - 2.50 inches
  • Thickness: 0.0157 - 0.0354 inches

Input Hopper: 400 Tags

Output Hopper: External Collection Tray (FILO)

CharacteråÊSizes: 3, 4, 5 mm


  • 2D Barcode Embossing
  • Vision Inspection Kit

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