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CardLogix Smart Toolz Development Kit


Easily Design, Build and Test Your Smart Card System with Smart Toolz® 


Smart Toolz Memory Smart Card Development Environment by CardLogix enables the rapid development of contact and contactless memory smart card applications.


More than a smart card development kit, Smart Toolz enables non-programmers to quickly and easily visualize and deploy non-microprocessor smart card applications.


Smart Toolz is a comprehensive suite of software and hardware components that includes everything you need to develop contact and contactless memory smart card applications.


The toolkit features the CardAppz® software, enabling marketing professionals to fully demonstrate card capabilities within a completely configurable card database and system.


Also included is the Card Configuration Utility, which allows designers to configure card parameters, load data into cards, and communicate with cards through the supplied Winplex®middleware.


Smart Toolz comes complete with software, cards, and reader choices in a single, low-cost package.


The software can produce cards for many applications, including loyalty, vending, transportation, and security access control.


Smart Toolz features:

  • Supports MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE Plus and EV1 DESFire cards
  • CardAppz® software that fully demonstrates a card’s capabilities within a fully configurable card database and system
  • Winplex®  API Middleware simplifies complicated commands and permits greater card reader functionality than PC/SC middleware
  •  Source code examples for C##, C++, .NET, and Visual Studio
  • Card Configuration Utility software to create a card project file


Smart Toolz comes complete with:

  • 10 contact and contactless synchronous memory smart cards including: MIFARE DESfire EV1, MIFARE Plus and MIFARE Classic, (ISO 14443A)
  • Dual Interface (contact and contactless) card reader to test development progress
  • Source code examples for C##, C++, .NET, and Visual Studio


Part of the idblox™ ID Credential Ecosystem: Seamless Data Exporting to The Card Encoding Engine™


Smart Toolz is fully integrated with idblox so that the card’s file structure (CFS), which specifies data element locations and sizes, seamlessly connects to Card Encoding Engine™ (CEE). A simple drag and drop feature found within CEE software makes the transfer of a custom Smart Toolz CFS or idblox CFS template fast and easy.


idblox templates, selected within the Smart Toolz configuration utility, eliminate the need for smart card programming and development, so that even a customer with basic computer skills can deploy sophisticated smart card programs.


CEE is software for the design and personalization of an ID Credential, and it enables smart card encoding without programming. CEE is the cornerstone of the idblox Identity Ecosystem. With CEE, a card issuer can easily import a Smart Toolz-created Card File System to the Card Encoding Engine for fast, easy, and affordable personalization of smart cards.


To begin testing and develop your own smart card applications, contact us today to learn more about  Smart Toolz and the entire idblox Identity Credential Ecosystem.

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