BadgePass Identity Manager



BadgePass Identity Manager is enterprise-level card issuance software.

It offers a user-friendly interface for both designing IDs and enrolling users into the system.


INCLUDES 1 year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

BadgePass Identity Manager can be installed on a single workstation or distributed across your enire network. Even better, it is the only 100% open badging platform in the industry, allowing for easy system growth and future expansion into other ID card applications.

Features and benefits Include:

- Customized ID card design
- Driver’s License Scanning
- Produce both physical ID cards and virtual credentials (NFC)
- Database synchronization
- Active Directory Plug-In

  • File / ODBC Scheduled Sync Utility (Data Sync) Save and Search Records
  • Auto Create Security User
  • Oversized Canvas with Drag off Capability Import Images from File
  • Signature Capture
  • Signature Capture
  • Image or Photo with Ghosting/Opacity Effects Rich Text Formatting
  • Word Wrap, Shrink and Truncate
  • Multiple Layers (Z - Order)
  • Add Shapes and Lines Field Rotation
  • Alignment & Formatting Tools
  • Third Party Form Population/Screen Push Plug-In Center
  • aptiQmobile Integration
  • Event Driven Email Notifications
  • Print to Other Media
  • Single or Double-Sided Printing
  • Conditional Print Rules
  • Native XPS Printing
  • Store Photo Paths in Database
  • Wizard for Managing User Account Privileges
  • Software Security Key
  • Web-Based Reporting Infinite ID
  • Active DirectoryTM Integration
  • Configurable Search Criteria
  • Adjustable Badge Sizing
  • Integrated Photo Capture (TWAIN, DirectShow & WIA)
  • Export Images
  • Save Multiple Images per Record
  • Add Image Fields (Variable and Static)
  • Add Text Fields (Variable and Static)
  • Flexible Font Sizing and Colors
  • Flip Between Front and Back of Card
  • Multiple Field Selection
  • Prompted Data Entry
  • UV Printing
  • Field Masking
  • Background Color Fill
  • Photo Field Border
  • Add Magnetic Stripe
  • Add Linear and/or 2D Barcodes
  • Set Conditional Design Rules
  • Dual-Sided Printing and Batch Printing
  • Dual-Sided Template Designs
  • Multiple Field Selection, Alignments and Formatting
  • User-Defined Card Size
  • Copy Card Designs or Fields Between Designs
  • Add Photo Fields
  • Add Text Fields (Variable & Static)
  • Text and Date / Time Fields
  • Drop-Down List Fields
  • Auto Sequence Fields
  • Make Objects Same Height & Width
  • Crop Images as Imported
  • Image Auto-Crop and Zoom (ID Pix)
  • Auto Record Retrieval via Card Scan
  • National Sex Offender Check
  • Multi-Campus Record Filtering
  • Custom Action Buttons
  • Selective Black (K) Panel Printing
  • Print Individually or Batch Print
  • Smartcard Enrollment
  • Send Print Jobs to the Cloud (Web Print)
  • Advanced Record Field Formatting
  • Granular User Rights
  • Read Only Option Driver’s License Scanning
  • User Audit Trail

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