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AutoCam Model Z100 Zoom Camera


Professional Quality Cardholder Photos

The AutoCam Model Z100 Zoom Camera combines image quality, speed, auto-cropping, and auto-centering to help you standardize your photo capture.åÊ

  • Amazing image qualityåÊprovides high resolution photographs
  • Unlike DSLR cameras, the Photo ID specific design has no commercial value, so it discourages theftåÊ
  • Full optical zoom from mouse or keyboard
  • Built-in high intensity flash captures images from 18 inches to 14 feet from lens
  • Integrated flash is powered by camera, no batteries or separate power supply required
  • TWAIN driver works with most ID card programs
  • Tripod-mount ready (tripod not included)
  • USB 2.0 connection
As with all webcams, zoom functionality is limited. Subjects positioned more than 3 feet from the camera may result in grainy images.

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