Warranty & Repairs

Everything mechanical wears out, and sometimes things break. E-CARD ID Experts is a factory-certified warranty service provider for all the products and services we offer, so support is live and local. We also offer loaner services on a wide variety of systems, so you can enjoy same- or next-day service, no matter where you are.
  • Hot Swap Program
  • Service Contract
  • Manufacturer Certified Technicians
  • Legacy Printers & Parts
  • Claims
  • Lifetime Printhead Warranty Programs
  • On-site Service

You probably can’t afford to be down.

Our qualified technicians are available by email or telephone.  We spend a lot every year making sure our people are not only trained, but certified by the manufacturer for warranty work.  Any repair we complete for you is guaranteed to work.  If not, call us and we will do it again… for free!

If you don’t have an existing service contract – don’t worry.  We will provide an initial consultation free of charge.  If it gets to the point where dollars are involved, we’ll let you know before we do anything.

Contact our support team: (888) 983-2299 x7616