Sielox Class™ Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System


Sielox Class is an easy-to-use information and communications system that supports both daily operations and incident management. 

Sielox Class connects to existing devices and security systems to augment clear communication in many different scenarios, such as the following:

  • Threats or acts of violence
  • Inclement weather
  • Evacuation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Missing persons
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Unsafe areas
  • Disturbances

Any authorized person can initiate an an alert, a status update, or a request for help by pressing or clicking a coloured button on a connected device.

Sielox Class Colored Alert Buttons

Alert buttons can be configured around existing incident management procedures to drastically reduce notification and response times and provide concise communication. 

Using connections to access control systems and video surveillance, Sielox Class can automatically initiate a facility lockdown, stream and record live video, and provide video feeds back to responders. 

This intuitive system offers interactive facility maps that instantly light up with the colours of the alert status indicator buttons pushed for each room. These maps help responders identify area of crisis or need quickly, and also indicate safe zones and problem areas to staff. 

Sielox Class supports tablets, laptops, desktops, and smart phones through any web browser. 

From any connected device, initiators can provide instant status feedback, and can even change locations using dropdown selections or scanning QR codes. 

Initiators and responders can also use the built in two-way chat function, which is instantaneous and invisible to intruders or bystanders. 

Instructions and important info, such as evacuation routes, can be programmed to pop-up, based on alert level selected, for initiators to follow. 

Sielox Class supports integration with many security devices such as motion sensors, access cards, panic buttons, and with most access control and video systems. 

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