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Control your Doors and your Windows™

One converged authentication solution for today and the future

con·ver·gence (kənˈvərjəns) noun

- when two or more things come together to form a new whole.

- the process or state of coming together at a common point.

Example: "the convergence of lines in the distance"

  1. the use of the same credential for two totally different uses
  2. the tendency of clients to use the same ID card for opening physical doors and logging into virtual machines
  3. when Facility Managers find common ground with Information Systems Directors.

There's no point in locking the front door if the crook can easily login to your network from half way around the world. All your security systems need to work together.  Using strong authentication to control access to your facilities and your data is the smart thing to do.


Strong Authentication Solutions tailored to the way you work.

  • Advanced authentication
  • Compliance enforcement
  • Password management
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Enable secure desktop profile roaming
  • Enable encryption and digital signatures
  • Auto desktop locking
  • Centrally controlled through Group Policies and Domains

Make passwords history

Smart cards, PKI, and card management systems are often viewed as technology best suited for governments and only the largest enterprises. This is no longer the case.  Small to Medium-size Enterprises are quickly discovering the low-cost and benefits of simplified sign-on.

Our Logical Access solutions significantly streamline secure login processes through tight integration with Microsoft infrastructure and operating systems.

What once took weeks to months and a team of consultants to deploy can now be accomplished in a matter of hours to days.