Building your ID Cards (Step 5 of 6)

Building your ID Cards (Step 5 of 6)

Step 5: Data Capture & Production

The capture and secure storage of the information you are printing needs to go smoothly.  It is the one point in your program where the end users will interface with your system, and the process will reflect on your department.  A well run data capture program enhances your departments image within the organization, and gives an air of professionalism.  Adoption of Identity cards will be easier if your employees are confident their personal information is being handled in a secure and professional manner.  

A typical data capture system consists of a PC, photo ID software linked to a network database, and a high definition camera.  Placing this equipment in the right place, or designing a mobile capture system, will alleviate the inevitable pressure that comes from lineups!

Are you planning on printing a limited run of ID cards, or are you planning on making your production an on-going, high volume run? Depending on your needs, you may want to either get someone else to print the cards for you, or buy and establish a photo ID system to get your production running in-house.

If you want to have a print centre take care of your work and help you with all of your production needs, check out what E-CARD can do for you.

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