Building your ID Cards (Step 1 of 6)

Building your ID Cards (Step 1 of 6)

Getting started on building your photo ID cards can be a complicated process without the right advice. There are a lot of different factors to consider and it can seem a little overwhelming.

In this week’s article we hope to shed a little light on some recommended steps and processes that can help make the production of Photo ID an easy affair.

Step 1: What is the purpose of my ID card?

  • Always start from the end-use point of view and work your way back to the card itself.  
  • How will the card be used in the real world?  Cards can have a plethora of uses.
  • Will this be an ID card to be worn, or is a wallet ID card?  
  • How many times a day will it be used, and what systems use it?
  • Is it for photo verification only, or will a reader authenticate the card?
  • How often will the card be exposed to the elements of sunshine and/or temperature extremes?  
  • How important is it that the card never be copied?

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