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    With over 17 years of experience serving the three levels of government and corporations of all sizes, we are a leading provider of end-to-end Identification, Authentication, and Authorization solutions. Our unique expertise, consultative approach, and network of trusted partners enable us to provide advanced and customized solutions that empower our clients to address key security challenges and achieve maximum operational efficiency.


    Our Turnkey Fully-Custom or Integrated Solutions Are Designed and Implemented to Address Unique Business Requirements.

    The correct camera, in the correct location, with the correct field of view, recording with the correct resolution at the correct time will capture the images you need to see.
    A properly architected security solution will enable your users to go about their daily routine without interruption, and you will have peace of mind knowing your assets and information are properly protected.
    An effective campus card system that works with this type of clientele needs to have flexibility and convenience, and it needs to pay for itself.
    There's a reason we've trademarked the term "IDexperts" - its who we are, and what we do, better than anyone else. A call or online chat with one of our experts will save time, money and future headaches.
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    We provide a full range of specialized services that removes the complexity and unnecessary costs of Identification processes. From Manufacture Authorized Printer Repair and Custom ID Card Printing, to ID Software Development and Integrated Security Systems.

    Whenever regular maintenance or urgent repairs are needed, our Authorized Repair Center provides the highest level of technical expertise to ensure fast and cost-effective card printer maintenance services.
    Proprietary composites and advanced card printing techniques are our hallmark. We deliver best-in-class custom Photo ID Cards, Season Passes, Hotel Key Cards, Smart Cards, as well as Gift and Membership Cards with quick turnaround and unparalleled card printing quality.
    Challenging systems integration and special projects that feature card printing capabilities require a high-level of technical expertise. Whenever you're developing a self-service Kiosk, or a nation-wide network of card printers, We are your experienced choice.

    25 worst passwords of 2013

    By: E-CARD
    “Password” is no longer the worst password with “123456,” the traditional runner up, taking the top spot, according to SplashData, provider of password management systems.

    ID software for the Mac? You bet!

    By: E-CARD
    Photo ID software for Mac OSX is here to stay.  Call one of our ID experts for details and pricing.  Ask for an online demo!

    Connect 13: Security Solutions for Restaurants and Retail

    By: E-CARD
    E-CARD is presenting security solutions for restaurants and retail at the Connect 13 show in Vancouver this Sunday.
    When I went to school, it was a mark of failure.  But in the security world, nothing can be better than achieving a good D right across the board. 1. Deter What technology are you using right now to make the criminal decide to go somewhere else?  You don't have to have the same security as the Canadian Mint, but you do have to better protected than the business across the street.  As I say to my kids when we go camping: "I don't have to outrun the bear… I just have to outrun you."  If your business gains a reputation for being difficult to infiltrate, thats a good first step.  Put in place the physical and technological barriers that deter. 2. Detect If someone does decide to target your office, will you only discover it when its too late?  Proper detection is crucial to the security envelope you put around your assets.  The CFO keeps saying "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it", and as the Security administrator you should be saying "If you can't see it, you can't respond appropriately."  Make sure you have a clear view of whats happening around you. 3. Delay Time can be the enemy of the bad as well as the good.  A matter of minutes can make all the difference the fight against crime.  If you have a good relationship with your security guard provider or your local law enforcement, ask them about response times to an emergency call.  This may vary depending on your location.  Craft your security plan around those timelines, and implement adequate delay mechanisms into your design.  Make sure first responders get to the protected assets before the attackers. 4. Deny This may be the hardest of all objectives.  They key thing is to keep the core valuable assets at the centre of your layered security perimeter.  Your perimeter may be physical or virtual, depending on whether the asset is an object or information.  You may have to prioritize your assets into various protection groups, and place the key ones at the core.  Your Intellectual Property is more important than the decorative flower vase at reception.  Think about what you can afford to lose, and what is invaluable. A lot of times we think that by calling 9-1-1 we can get the response we need to solve our security dilemma.  But security is everyone's responsibility.  Its a mindset.  Train for it.  Practice it.  Implement it. - Kyle Fairfield, January 24, 2014
    IP Video Surveillance revenue is expected to pass Analog for the first time in 2014. Read the Article. " we had reached a 'tipping point' of market acceptance as analog CCTV systems start to give way to a new generation of IP-based security cameras. "
    Great article on the use of tokens and cards to replace the username and password combinations that are outdated. "passwords will be replaced with devices that can identify users..." Death of the Password.
    A UK-based Kickstarter project where a NFC-enabled ring can help bring two-step authentication to your hands is currently underway for funding. The idea behind the ring is quite simple - it consists of a titanium band with inlays that contain NFC chips which can allow for communication with a variety of NFC-enabled devices. Different hand gestures with the ring can unlock different NFC capabilities such as sharing contact information, sharing URLs, unlocking a device within a given range, or could even be implemented to start the ignition on a car. NFC (or Near-Field Communication) was originally conceptualized by a consortium of large tech companies known as the NFC Forum back in 2004, but has since gained some commercial success and implementation in a variety of devices and smartphones. For a pledge of about $35 CDN (+ shipping from the UK), project founder John McLear is offering to build any backer a ring and free access to the NFC app. The financial goal for the project was around $47,000 CDN, and has since reached close to $200,000 on that mark. The ring is estimated to ship at some point in September. You can view the project's kickstarter page, here.
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